Useful Cooking Tip: Cooking Meat, Turkey, Chicken and Vegetables Clean

We all know that when we do cook red meat, turkey or chicken in the water, all kinds of stuff is generated, especially blood residues from red meat and foam from the turkey or chicken. Veggies just in general have sprays and other stuff on them. Well, the best way to take that at least partially is to change the first water all together. Simply take smaller pot and pre-boil red meat, turkey, chicken or vegetables for few minutes. In parallel, fill other pot with desired amount of water and start heating up. Once pre-boiled, drain water and rinse your meat or veggies with fresh water to remove any unwanted residues. Preferably use filtered water. Once this is done, just place it in the fresh water and cook as you wish.

For cleaning red meat, turkey or chicken for BBQing or broiling, always rinse with white vinegar. Don't be afraid to rinse the ground meats also. Don't just rely on the heat to kill all the bad stuff.


  1. Im sure Im not gonna try this... I confess Im pathetic at cooking. Shhhhhh

    Andy. :-)

  2. How can I not realize there are residue in the blood vessels of the meat ... thanks for the tips and healthier living!

  3. Andy, lol, hey some of us are clean-maniacs, lol. Well I have a baby on board, so I have to. Thanks for dropping by. Anna :)

  4. Rendell, no problem. Some times the stuff comes out of meat, all I say is ouch! Thanks for dropping by here, Anna :)

  5. Ahem! Finally.. some cooking tips?
    Looks like I am reading a professional cook's blog. Maybe sometime I'll come around to your house and check your cooking skills myself?

  6. Aneesh thanks. I don't know if I am professional, but I try, lol. Thanks for nice comment. Anna :)


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