Edit Posts Error bX-mcgjci in Blogger

Its been days now and I cannot still get into my Edit Posts on one of my blogs. bX-mcgjci error keep flashing front of my face every time I click on Edit Posts. Theories are that this error is google account related. However, I am not sure if it is account related, since all my other blogs are working perfectly fine. Blogger issue- definitely, but why they are not looking into this problem, no body knows. This is what you get when using free services, and after all there must be more serious issues they are working on.

There is one workaround suggested I tried. Create a new gmail account, and then a new blogger account. In your blog, the one not working, assign admin privileges to the new account. Confirm by accessing a new account. To access Edit Posts you need to be logged in the new account. If you want to still be recognized among your blogger friends, ensure to create very similar id, because the new account id will be displaying for commenting.

However, if you need to just post your post, and you don't access the old posts, then you can do this. Create your post that is 100% proof, go to Create New and post. If you screw up, to edit you can still access the post from your blog, pending you have the little pencil image under the post. Remember, you always need to be logged into your account to access it. Same with commenting.

This is another workaround this issue.

Go to Layout > click on Blog Posts > Click on Edit > In the Configure Blog Posts ensure that the 'Show Quick Editing' is checked [a pencil].

To display Archives on your Blog go to Layout > Add Gadget > Click on Blog Archives to activate.

Now you are all set to access your posts from your blog [not edit mode]. On the Archives click on the post you want to edit, then on the bottom of the post you should have a pencil to edit your post.

Lastly ensure to back up your posts. Go to Settings > Basic tab > Export Blog. The backup posts can be imported back to other blogs.

Lastly, let's hope google blogger team will look into this issue as soon as possible.

Start Toilet Training Early - Less Diapers

I have been reading a lot lately about toilet training, and I just couldn't believe that some of the diaper companies like Pampers is recommending to start toilet training when your child is about 2 years up to 4 years old - obviously more business for them. In my own opinion, this is a bit too late. I started to toilet train my son when he was just little under one. As a matter of fact, I got him a putty when he was six months old and for the most of the time at the beginning he played with it as a toy. So what is the rush on my part. No rush at all, I think one year old child age group is about the right age to introduce children to the toilet training.

Here are some of the things about toilet training I learned:

[1] Toilet training can be very slow process for some children even when they start early toilet training. Holding may be an issue and as well as limited communication.

[2] Patience, consistency and discipline are the three key words. Children are in the process of learning, so give them some time. Toilet training is not the only thing they are learning in their lives. Children learn from repetition, therefore asking and bringing them to the toilet even when they don't want is the key. At that age children already know how to say - yes or no, so they will tell you. In addition, when toilet training is priority, you probably will have to give up some of your other chores.

[3] Children like to imitate, therefore sometimes bringing them when you are in the washroom may be not a bad idea after all. Be a model.

[4] Children that have dry diaper through the night are ready for toilet training.

[5] Children must be comfortable sitting upward in order to go on their toilet. In addition, it may be more comfortable for them when their feet are flat on the ground. More support and more balance.

[6] Sitting on the toilet and waiting may be sometimes a long process, therefore, bring some toys for them to play. Remember, children have short attention span.

[7] Children like to say good bye to their stool - then let them. However, ensure that they don't have any toys in their hands when you are flashing the toilet, because it may end up being flashed too. In my case, my son used ot get very excited and throw toys around - for fun of course.

[8] Do not wait when your child is 2 years or older. At that age children are more vocal, and know what they want. It may be harder to sit them down on the toilet.

[9] At the age of two most of the children already walk, and when they are going to washroom, mostly it may be in standing up position, therefore, it may be harder for them to go in the sitting down position.

[10] In the worst case scenario, don't get stressed out too much - it cannot be good for you or your child. Eventually all children will go to washroom on their own. Some take longer and some take faster. But still don't wait, start early, plus you will definitely save on diapers.

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