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Want more exposure for your blog, your website, or just you? Then here is my assembled list of social network places which you can join so you can find more friends, find your old friends, make friends, share stories, photos, videos, news or more. However, I am going to tell you now, pick few only. Definitely you will not be able to maintain them all. I think it can really become addictive and you can spend hours and hours without accomplishing anything or accomplishing everything. So here we go, all I could find is listed below, and if you have any I have not listed here please share. Not to offend anyone, I put this is list in the alphabetical order.

Advogato - is an online community site for developers of free.

Bebo – is a social network web site.
BlackPlanet – is an online social networking site targeted especially for the African American community, as the name speaks for itself.
BlinkList – is an online link manager.
BlogCatalog – is a blog networking platform.
Blogger – is a blog publishing platform from Google.
BlogLines – is a web based news aggregator for reading syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom.
Buzz – is currently re-buzzing; check-in in the near future.

CafeMom - is an ad-supported social networking website for mothers.
ClassMates – is a social school networking platform.
CoolPhotoBlogs – is a social networking web site for blogging photographers.

Delicious – is the biggest database of bookmarks in the universe that can be shared among users. DesignFloat – is a social media web site for design industry.
Digg – is a social news website where content from anywhere on the Internet is shared by link submission; voting and commenting makes stories more popular.
Diigo – is a research tool and a knowledge-sharing community.
DZone – is a free link sharing community for developers.

Eons – is a social networking site for baby boomers.

FaceBook – is a social networking for friends, family, and co–workers, to stay connected and to communicate.
FreeWebs – is a free web hosting company hosting personal and business related.
Friendster – is a social network service.

Google Bookmarks – is a free online bookmark storage service which is available to Google accounts; this service allows bookmarking favorite websites, adding labels, tags and notes.

Hi5 – is a social networking web site.

InterNations - is an international social network service.

Jaiku - is a social networking, micro-blogging and life streaming platform from Google.

LibraryThing - is a social cataloging web application for storing and sharing personal library catalogs and book lists.
LinkedIn – is a business oriented social networking platform mainly used by professionals.
LiveJournal – is a blog publishing platform from Microsoft.
Loaded Web – is a social networking platform for bloggers by geographical location.

MiGente – is an online social networking site targeting Latino community.
Mixx – is a social media web site for submitting or finding content based on interest and location; a combination of social networking and bookmarking.
Multiply – is a social networking service which allows the users to share media such as photos, videos and blog entries.
MyChurch - is a Christian social network.
MySpace – is an international social interactive networking website where users gather with network of friends, share their personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos for teenagers and adults.
myYearbook – is a social networking site.

Nasza Klasa – is an online social school networking web site for Polish community.
Nature Blog Network – is a network of bloggers associated with nature.
Netvouz – is an online social bookmark manager.
Newsvine – is a social news website. - is a Canadian social networking website.

Orkut – is a social network service from Google.

Propeller – is a social news aggregator operated by AOL-Netscape.

Reddit – is a social news website where users can post links to content on the Internet.

StumbleUpon – is a social news website where users can post links to content on the Internet.
SlashDot – is a technology related news website which features user-submitted and editor-evaluated current affairs news with a touch of ‘nerdy’ slant.
SquiDoo – is a topic sharing web site.

Tagged – is a social networking web site.
Technorati – is a blog related search engine tracking popular stories and link relationships.
ThisNext – is a social portal of great product recommendations and personalized shopping suggestions.
Twitter – is a social networking for friends, family, and co–workers, mainly to stay connected and to communicate.
TypePad – is a blog publishing platform for professionals and small businesses.

WordPress – is a blog publishing platform from WordPress.

Xanga – is a website that hosts weblogs, photo blogs, and social networking profiles.

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