Why Do Humans Think? Can You Think Up the Answer

"Why do humans think? Why are we so fascinated with our ability to think? Why are we so distressed when something threatens our intellectual superiority? We respond with apprehension to thinking machines, but live comfortably around countless machines physically stronger than ourselves. Why do we guard our minds so jealously?"

Source: Ollivier Dyens Metal and Flesh, The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over

Accumulating Fatigue Poisons

"I have become so convinced of the importance of this knowledge that, in my case, when I feel the least bit 'dopey' in the early morning after five hours' sleep, I know that I am accumulating fatigue poisons and I immediately set about 'putting my house in order' by fasting a day, or at any rate reducing my diet to fruit, or fruit and milk, for two or three meals of for a day or two - usually taking an enema. If I do not take these precautions, I find I lose my desire to run and walk fast and my natural tendency to 'cut up' and prank, and in the end I develop a headache if I persist in eating my usual amounts of foods."

Source: Robert G. Jackson, M.D., How to be Always Well

Nothing Natural Can Ever Grow Out of the Unnatural

"Recall that only natural foods can be even supposed to build natural or normal human bodies, that is to say healthy human bodies. It seems to me that much must be self-evident. Nothing natural can ever grow out of the unnatural."

Source: Robert G. Jackson, M.D., How to be Always Well

A Word to the Wise

"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."

Source: Bill Cosby