Nutritious Bananas Not Just for Adults But For Babies Especially

Bananas, a world’s most popular fruit is a very nutritious fruit full of vitamins and minerals, and let’s not forget it is also a very tasty fruit on its own or in baking or cooking. Everyone, adults, toddlers, babies enjoy it, and let’s not forget the monkeys.

What Do We Know about Banana’s?
I am not going to give you everything here about bananas, but you should know that bananas likely came from Malaysia. It is hard to believe, because I always thought they came from South America. However, since it is a very popular fruit consumed, it is also highly cultivated fruit in most tropical areas around the world.

Nutritional Value of the Bananas
Bananas are high in potassium, and are obviously recommended to patients who are low on potassium. Go figure. However, if you are pregnant then most likely your baby is consuming all your nutrients during pregnancy; potassium is one of them that will deplete and you will know it by getting sometimes a charley horse in your legs. Therefore, you have that one banana or two. However, watch out in some cases bananas can cause constipation – moderation is the key. Let us not forget the fiber, protein, carbohydrates and sodium. Now, you can see how this can be an excellent fruit for malnourished children. In addition to make this fruit even more nutritious, it contains vitamin A, B, C and few minerals like Calcium, Magnesium along with small traces of Zinc and Iron.

What Is a Connection between Bananas and Monkeys?
This for a life of me I couldn' answer, and here is one answer I found on the ezine: Monkeys and Bananas. I hope it is true, and if it is I have nothing to do with it.

How to Eat Banana?
Yes you are probably saying, who doesn't know how to eat bananas. Well, if you already know, here are few tricks I did learn over the years. First, in order for the banana to ripe nicely keep them in one bunch, if you you want to preserve them longer, take them apart. But remember when you pick them avoid bruised ones. Another interesting trick someone told me one day is to peel banana from the bottom, and all the strings will go away with it. So much for fun peeling my banana, they had to ruined it. So not you know how to eat banana, so go banana.

How to Feed your Baby Banana?
Finally, something related to the title of this post. I started to give banana to my baby at age of 4 months. Just a little bit, not even a full baby spoon. This was for my baby to learn how to eat with the spoon. I did some research, and I found that you don't have to cook bananas before giving them to babies. However, I am one of those paranoid mothers, so I would always steam them in the steam of the boiling water. When feeding baby I would lightly scrape surface of the banana to generate mashed banana. It works very well, you don't really need any equipment to do that.
Important Note: 'Nitrates and vegetables. Some types of strained vegetables and fruits - including spinach, beets, turnips, carrots, green beans, mixed vegetables and bananas - contain nitrates, and should therefore not be given to infants younger than 4 months...In sufficient concentrations, nitrates can cause these children to develop methemoglobinemia, a condition in which blood cells do not transport oxygen efficiently.' [1]

Things People Say about Bananas

On a traffic light green means go and yellow means yield, but on a banana it's just the opposite. Green means hold on, yellow means go ahead, and red means where the hell did you get that banana at...’ once said by Mitch Hedberg, an American Comedian, 1968-2005.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana’ once said by Groucho Marx, an American Comedian, Actor and Singer, 1890-1977.

Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana’ once said by Bill Gates, an American Entrepreneur and Founder of Microsoft Co., b.1955.

And the last one, ‘Monkeys throwing bananas at keyboard could have written a better post’, the best one I have seen and you can read it about yourself.

Time to Frame the Banana
No I am not talking about putting a banana to jail. I am talking putting a nice picture of a banana on your wall. Hopefully you have learn something new here about bananas, therefore we should feel like we own something to bananas so why not framing nice banana picture on your kitchen wall? Here are some of the best photos of the bananas I have seen on Internet, some free and some for purchase.

Time to Go Banana
Here you can find banana humor. I am sure some of them are composed images, but they are darn funny. Read more...

[1] 'Better Baby Food', 2nd Edition, Your Essential Guide to Nutrition, Feeding & Cooking for All Babies & Toddlers, by Diana Kalnins, MSc, RD, and Joanne Saab, RD, The Hospital for Sick Children, pg 46.
Document Release: 1; Document Last Modified: March 16, 2009

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