How to Take Photos of the Moon? – Part 1: Moon Calendar & Weather Conditions

Soon as the skies are clear and the moon is very clear, full moon, half moon or crescent moon, people around the world get their digital or conventional cameras to take pictures. However, they yet to find out at the time of developing that all you can see is just a bright round object on the black sky. This is in fact a good start. The fact that you took your camera and wanted to take a picture of the moon is an excellent first step. Now let see, what you can do better.

What Weather is the Best for Taking a Photo of the Moon?
It does not take a genius to figure out that you need clear skies in order to take pictures of the moon. However, don’t be disappointed when there are clouds, because sometimes the wind does a little help. In a matter of time, wind can move clouds out of the way, and there is the moon you want to snap a photograph of. It happened to me many times, and sometimes with clouds being on the way, the photo can be even more spectacular. But if there is no wind then you are in bad shape and you will have to wait for the next time.

When you are looking for taking pictures of the moon, it is a good idea to get yourself ready ahead. Check out the lunar cycle for the moon phases, and check out the weather forecast. Then you need to find out where on the sky the moon is going to be and when. Yes location is important, last thing you need is that you cannot see the moon because it is behind the buildings, and when it emerges out of them, the clouds show up – yes some times bad luck can follow us.

Let’s repeat then, you will need lunar cycle calendar, local weather forecast, location on the sky, location from the ground and the time. Don’t be surprised if you see sometimes moon during the day, as I was. I thought that moon was only for the nights.

Excellent resources to start: Kalendar 365 and Sky View Cafe
For weather you can always drop by The Weather Network or in the Google search type ‘weather your location’.

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