Blogging What to Expect – Things You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

What is Blogging?
Blogging simply is a way of communicating to the world. You can write an email to many of your friends or colleagues, but with blogging you can write to the whole world or to the public of your choice. Technically blogging is short for web log, and is a form of personal or business journal updated frequently and broadcast publicly. It is similar to the discussion board, however, in the blogging world the blogger writes a post, moderates and converses with its visitors. Whereas, on the discussion board all users can communicate with each other and anyone can start the topic, however, don’t be surprise that there is a human guard that monitors your behavior. Needles to say if you are blogger, you are that guard and a writer. Bottom line you are in control. Frankly I don’t see much of a difference, but blogging is more fun because you are definitely the star.

How Do You Start Blogging?
Simple, you can choose blog provider of your choice, Blogger or WordPress- are the two most common free blogging platforms on the whole Internet, at least for now, and at least the ones I know. Sign up is very easy and fast, in a matter of seconds, providing that you know the following: name for your blog and address for your blog. Basic templates are available for you to start blogging immediately; however, you will find that with time you will get an itch to customize your blog template by using third party providers. But let’s not go there yet.

What Happens Next After Your Blog is Created?
What are you waiting for – start writing, linking useful information, show off your pictures, but blog responsibly by providing your original information. Your writing, your ideas, your pictures – bottom line do not copy others stuff without giving them a credit or asking for a permission. Simple as it sounds, if you don’t have visitors or commentators what is the use of blogging. Yes in order to be successful blogger you need visitors to comment on your published articles or pictures, and that is how you start going to other bloggers blogs and comment. Believe or not the professional bloggers that really care about their visitors will visit your blog back, and that is how your blogging virtual friendship starts. But this is only one small thing you can do to increase traffic to your blog. Other you may want to investigate social networking platforms that have database of many bloggers. Simple sign up can lead to your blog discovery. Also remember there are many silent bloggers that just read and go – a visitor counter may be a good idea to have on your blog then.

Blogging Techniques That Will Make Your Visitors Come Back Over and Over Again
I have been blogging for more than two years now, and I have seen many different ways of blogging with others. These are successful techniques that will get you a nice bunch of regulars to your blog. These techniques may be very time-consuming, but if you have nothing to do but blog, then they are rewarding, and your blog will definitely be recognized. Here how you can blog with your visitors.
  1. Double Commenting Technique: A visitor comments on your blog post. You comment back. Answer their question if asked; thank them for visit and comment on your blog. Let them know that you will be visiting them soon.
  2. Single Commenting Technique: A visitor comments on your blog post. You go to their blog and comment back. On their blog you answer their questions that were asked on your blog, thank them for a visit and comment on their post.

You have choice between the two, and obviously the first one is a more time-consuming one, which I have been doing. However, the first one usually guarantees to have your post topic flow on your blog and not scattered all over the other blogs, and probably more virtual blogger friends.

Before You Know It You Are Blogging All Day – Facing an Addiction
Typical blogger behavior after a while is to complain that too much time is spend on blogging, family is abandon, your lower bottom is getting bigger, you have migraines, not sleeping well, too excited – but you continue to blog, blog and blog. And then finally you shut down your blog, and your blogging career is over. These are typical signs of blogging addiction and failure in blogging world. Remember, blogging is free, and should not be stressful, you should be in control – and don’t feel bad if you did not blog for a while or take frequent brakes. If your posts are professional, entertaining and original, your virtual blogger friends will not forget you, and will be visiting you back, soon as they see you posting again.

Recognize Blogging Addiction

  • You start complaining in your posts about being tired of blogging.
  • You spend more than 2 hours of blogging a day.

  • For some, if you post everyday and you don’t have time.

  • You stopped cooking for loved ones, you miss your favorite shows, and you miss family visits.

  • You close down your blog angry, others convince you to come back and you repeat above steps over again.

  • You start creating more blogs than you can handle – yes blogging platform allow more than one blog to be created by one user.

Word of advice if you come back to blogging second time ensure to recognize your bad blogging habit. Recognize that you have been addicted to blogging and now set your limits, there is always a second chance.

Set Your Limits
The easiest way to blog is simple word – moderation. Let me emphasize again – moderation, that is blog when you can or allocate set time for blogging. Set your limits up front, tell the bloggers what are your limits and all will be fine. For example, tell yourself and everyone that you will have one post a week on the scheduled day of the week; and you will allocate sometime to visit and read other blogs; and as a result you are a happy blogging camper.

[1] Image Courtesy of Microsoft Office Online, Clip Art Gallery

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