FacebookTesting ‘Facebook At Work’ Interesting Addition to Facebook

Facebook evolved and is continuing to evolve. A new product on the horizon apparently being tested by few thousand of users, Facebook at Work. So you can have two version and two faces running, one at home and one at work. Our life will be filled with going door to door of different social media. Soon as you leave Twitter, you will be heading to check your Facebook. When you at work you will be on the Facebook at Work. Some hangout on Pinterest, some on Google+, some once started to blog continue to be part of blogging community. Well looks like Facebook at Work is done deal and will be rolling out soon.

Here are some interesting articles to read about the Facebook's newest product, Facebook at Work.

Source: Facebook Is Testing ‘Facebook At Work’, Separately Hosted Version To Roll Out In A Few Months
Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/17/source-facebook-is-testing-facebook-at-work-separately-hosted-version-to-roll-out-in-a-few-months/

Over 8,000 People Already Use Facebook's 'Secret' New Project: Facebook At Work
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Facebook Developing ‘Facebook at Work’ Service, Says Report
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