Red Umbrella

Mama smiled and grabbed her large bright-red umbrella and tackled it beneath her arm. I hated that umbrella. It was like carrying a big stop sign that made everyone pause and take a notice of us. A ridiculous umbrella for a ridiculous woman.'


"But red is the color of revolution." I hoped this would make her consider. Mama stopped walking to look at me. "No, Lucia. The revolution may have taken over a lot of things, but it doesn't own a color. For me, red is the symbol of strength, and that's all it will ever represent."


There, in the middle of the small crowd, against the bright blue sky, a big red umbrella opened up. Mama's umbrella. That big stupid thing had never looked so beautiful. A smile edged its way onto may face. Mama had found a way to say good-bye.

Source: 'The Red Umbrella' by Christina Diaz Gonzalez, 2010.

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  1. This book is a great read for youth. Excellent character and story development.


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