Track Traffic On Your Blog With Google Analytics

Google Analytics, 3rd EditionSigning up is easy especially if you are a proud owner of Gmail account. Visit Google Analytics and you will find how easy it is to set it up. You have to register every blog or web site every time, and generate unique code. Once you generate this unique code, here is how to install in Blogger. Firstly, as always back up your template, no excuse. Then from your Dashboard select blog you want to install the script to. Go to Layout, Edit. This is where you can back up your template. In the html code window scroll down all the way to the bottom. Insert your code above the code. Save Template and you are ready to track your blog traffic. Go back to your Google Analytics code and make sure it is correctly installed. It takes about 24 hours to generate the data and start tracking. If you like statistics, you will like the Google Analytics.


  1. Hi Anna! Great advice and one that I have been using for sometime. Have you tried Google Webmaster tools? Another one to check out for you're interested. While we're on Google Analytics, the only drawback I can see is that it slows down your site in regards to page speed.

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