Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation aborted

After one Microsoft automatic update everything just went wrong with my Internet Explorer 8. I am vivid blogger and I visit my blogger friends regularly. The problem I started to have was that some blogs posts would not display. But the main issue I got with many blogs I visited I kept getting an error: 'Internet Explorer cannot open site Operation Aborted.' When I clicked OK, I get 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'. This is just too many 'cannot' message for a bad day already.

I did some search hoping to get an easy answer, but I don't think I want to fool around with those fixes. It looked like it involved some code manipulation. Short story long, I decided to switch browsers. I ended up uploading Google Chrome and FireFox. So far I been vivid user of Google Chrome and I am definitely not disappointed, okay just a bit but that is topic for another day. Google Chrome is easy to use with some interesting features for those who like change. Changeover was painless, so guess what I think I have to say goodbey to Internet Explore for now. I been Google addict anyway.

Just to give some answers to those who wants to be Internet Explorer troopers, here is the fix link from Microsoft. The answer is simple, upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Okay what did I just write, my Internet Explorer is 8. But then they also ask to contact web owner to do modification, okay last thing I want to do is to bother someone with issues like that.


  1. I have same problem with internet explorer. It's happen with my Blog too. I don't mind to change the google crome to read my blog, but i am thinking about my friend with internet explorer. who get same problem like me. I wish some can solve this problem.

    anyway nice artical

  2. Thanks Tibetan arts for your input. I wish that the fix was simple, but not for me. Hope you can resolve your issue soon. Take care, Anna :)


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