Good To Know: Apple Seeds May Be Poisonous

Something I didn't know, and I found out recently. But how would that be, I ate or swallowed so many. I am in fact seed eater, I eat all seeds I see. I don't know but looks like I have personal addiction. Well, after learning about apple seeds being potentially poisonous I think the era of seed eating for me is over. As a matter of fact, over for all the seeds. I guess I will have to look into other sources of high fibre foods.

However, kidding aside this is what I found. The apple seeds are not harmful if you swallow one or two. The trick is to swallow them, and not to chew them. Apple seeds when chewed apparently release toxin called cyanide [cyanogenic glycoside]. However, human body can detoxify small amounts of cyanide compounds, but large amounts can be lethal. Therefore, keep away from children, and believe or not pets.


  1. That's interesting! Never knew that. Have also probably eaten many, though not intentionally.

  2. Yes I didn't know too, and eaten many. Thanks for visiting and commenting bindu, appreciated. Anna :)


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