Recent Quakes Definitely Doing Their Job - Relocating Cities & Shortening Earth's Days

That is all I need - a shorter day! Researchers at NASA calculated that the Chilean earthquake shortened Earth's days. It shortened by one-millionth of a second, still small but shorter. I think this is a second earthquake in a decade to result in a shorter day.

After the catastrophic 2010 Haiti earthquake at magnitude of 7.0 with 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater, a chain of other earthquakes surf through the Earth's crust. The second one to start was Chile with an 8.8 magnitude. If I correctly remember, then it was Japan, Turkey, Kosovo, Japan again. I probably missed some. This may be normal after after all, shake the world and it will move - like everything else.

Well, these earthquakes did shake the world enough to relocate cities in Chile. Researches found that cities and islands physically shifted west. From the satellite data, scientist at Ohio State University and University of Hawaii found that city of Concepcion moved about 3 meters to the west. When compared to Earth size it may not be big shift, but to me three meters is a lot. In addition, the Chile's capital Santiago moved only 30 centimeters. Buenos Aires in Argentina moved 2.5 cm.

Scientists say that this usually happens with earthquakes, but usually too small to notice. However, this time it was definitely noticed.


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  2. I so much hate earthquakes Anna... I was about 12 years old when a heavy one happened while I was on the top floor of an appartment building. I still remember the fear and how the top of the building was swaying and I felt like I was in a very turbolent sea, on a very small boat... Thanks for the info regarding Chile's last one and how cities there have relocated even though with not that much. And I never knew that earthquakes do shorten Earth's days - this is frightening

  3. Informative!

    I've this terrible fear of earth quakes. It's like... you're safe as long as you're on ground, but what happens when the very same ground starts to shake and threaten you! Scary!!


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