Simple Equation Editor - Converts Equations To Graphic Files

If you like equations and formulas like me you will enjoy this simple equation editor.

How To Use It?

Simply hover over Characters, Math or Symbol tab. Select any of the three, and move your mouse down to hover over individual Characters, Math items or Symbol items. Click.

Below you will see two windows. First one is the formula in text format. Second one is the formula in the graphical representation.

Note you can edit characters in the first window by changing them to numbers if desired, or words. Characters which you have on the key board like =, +, (, ) etc. signs can be just typed normally from your key board. For some reason I couldn't locate the x (times) symbol and percent (%) symbol, so if you figure out how to get it please let me know.

Once your equation is completed, simply click on the second window with the nice formula, and it will prompt you to save the file in PNG format.

Then you can use it any way you want to. Have fun!

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