The Promise of the Solar Power

This is going to be a short post. I know that solar power is something that is used to generate electricity - its clean and green.

But then why do we have to abuse everything? Just look at the photo in the linked article. What is wrong with this picture? When we are out in the woods, we should be enjoying the woods and nature, and not playing video games - yeah that is the promise of the solar power.  You can access this article here - Highlights - A new twist on solar cells. (Note: link is invalid, article removed)

We shouldn't promote such things to our children.


  1. Maybe people don´t understand the need for solar power unless it has an MP3-player or a game console attached to it. Funny thing that he now needs to drag around that huge panel to play that little game.

  2. Really we shouldn't Anna! We don't go into the woods to play a video game, but to enjoy the serenity of nature, its power, its beauty. Solar cells have a different use; please keep nature and gadgets apart.

    Mexican Prickly Poppy [Argemone Mexicana, Satyanashi, सत्यानाशी]


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