Edit Posts Error bX-mcgjci in Blogger

Its been days now and I cannot still get into my Edit Posts on one of my blogs. bX-mcgjci error keep flashing front of my face every time I click on Edit Posts. Theories are that this error is google account related. However, I am not sure if it is account related, since all my other blogs are working perfectly fine. Blogger issue- definitely, but why they are not looking into this problem, no body knows. This is what you get when using free services, and after all there must be more serious issues they are working on.

There is one workaround suggested I tried. Create a new gmail account, and then a new blogger account. In your blog, the one not working, assign admin privileges to the new account. Confirm by accessing a new account. To access Edit Posts you need to be logged in the new account. If you want to still be recognized among your blogger friends, ensure to create very similar id, because the new account id will be displaying for commenting.

However, if you need to just post your post, and you don't access the old posts, then you can do this. Create your post that is 100% proof, go to Create New and post. If you screw up, to edit you can still access the post from your blog, pending you have the little pencil image under the post. Remember, you always need to be logged into your account to access it. Same with commenting.

This is another workaround this issue.

Go to Layout > click on Blog Posts > Click on Edit > In the Configure Blog Posts ensure that the 'Show Quick Editing' is checked [a pencil].

To display Archives on your Blog go to Layout > Add Gadget > Click on Blog Archives to activate.

Now you are all set to access your posts from your blog [not edit mode]. On the Archives click on the post you want to edit, then on the bottom of the post you should have a pencil to edit your post.

Lastly ensure to back up your posts. Go to Settings > Basic tab > Export Blog. The backup posts can be imported back to other blogs.

Lastly, let's hope google blogger team will look into this issue as soon as possible.


  1. Swubird was having this issue, and it's finally resolved, I think. I wonder what was going on?

  2. Hi Lynda, no not really. I am still having this issue, we just learn how to work around it. Thanks for letting me know. Anna :)

  3. Some of my posts mysteriously disappeared altogether on my old blog - God knows why. It upset me no end at the time. Most recently, I was virtually ready to publish a new post, it had been saved as I went along, when I needed to skip out of blogger to check an email. Seconds later, I came back to find it had completely vanished - I mean totally!!!! ARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH. I never did find the heart to re-write it. (Sigh)


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