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Thinking of getting a new job, or even if you have a job, you should always have your resume up to date. These days the way the economy is going our jobs are not secured anymore. And if the economy is picking up, employers will be looking for best souls out there - thus complete career change may be coming your way. My suggestion is that you always should keep a list of all your accomplishments, especially tangible ones - meaning what you actually did. Let's give you few examples.
  1. Your sales team always made substantial errors in the cost estimation of products. Therefore, to increase profitability of the sales team you decided to help and create a quotation spreadsheet for your sales team to use. As a result you reduced errors to zero percent, and substantially increased profits in the first half of the fiscal year.
  2. As project manager you manged development of the pilot automated facility that is now manufacturing one million of car seat belts a month with only one operator.
  3. You have 10 mechanical design patents for consumer products one of them being the easy grip vacuum handle sold worldwide for 5 years now.
These days words like I have experience in this and that may not work. Employers want to see if you were actually able to bring your project to completion. And if it was not a project, what have you done to make it better. Now this accomplishment list may be tough one for students. However, I say no it is not. What have you accomplish in your schooling years? Let me give you some examples here.
  1. You have completed your design thesis that was later used in the production environment.
  2. You worked on the research paper that later was used to obtain 2 million dollar government funding to start further studies to develop better alcohol free coughing syrup.
  3. You are proficient in the web development software and can start working on web design immediately, You have portfolio of 25 technical live websites.
  4. You worked with plastic industry leaders to develop compact bottle crusher tool for home use.
As you can see as a student you can have many accomplishments as well. My recommendation is that when close to graduation time try to work with industry, outside of school. This will really help you to see the real world. Start building your resume, even if you are not in the market for a new job. Simple list of accomplishments is a great start. However, you can always start with this great free resume builder, and networking place. Whether you are trying to build a call center resume or an accountant resume you need to take the time to ensure that it is presentable and includes all relevant achievements and qualifications.

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