Best Treatment for the Cradle Cap - All Natural

I have done some research on the cradle cap when I found some on my baby's head. I didn't actually find it visually - I actually experienced funny odor. This is when I noticed yellow residues attached to my baby's scalp. Since I have been very cautious using excessive soaps and creams on my baby, I was looking for natural way to cure it. I wasn't able to cure the cradle cap immediately, but it did work on the end. I used the virgin olive oil. After every water bath, I would smear my baby's head with the virgin olive oil. In the morning I would gently brush off from the head. I would repeat this for three days in the row. What olive oil does, it loosens the yellowish residue so it can be brushed off. However, I noticed that would go away for a week or two; therefore I would repeat the treatment. I read it somewhere that all it is a baby dandruff, and it will come back, and it can go on until child is a five years old. The nice thing about the olive oil is that it is harmless to your child, and you can use it all the time. Unfortunately, you need to time treatments in the way that your baby or child is home for few days, otherwise, hair may be a bit oily. Since my baby's hair is very fine, it was hardly noticeable. Next day after last day of treatment, I would wash my baby's hair with a gentle shampoo. Just so you know results may vary, and you can come up with your own application of virgin olive oil, some may need more days, and some less.

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