Corn Fed, Grain Fed Versus Grass Fed American Beef

I thought I post about something I read about corn or grain fed cattle versus grass fed cattle. It is interesting because it tells you that we, including all other living creatures on this planet Earth been designed to eat certain foods only - meaning our digestive system is designed for particular foods. Introducing processed food to our or animal digestive system can actually cause potential problems in the later food chain. I don't know how many of you know, or at least I didn't know, but the conventional American cattle is corn or grain fed, as oppose to grass fed cattle. Note that the cattle is designed to graze, therefore, when fed with corn and grain the cow's stomach becomes very acidic environment attracting bacteria like E.coli. The beef from grass fed cattle is much leaner and has more the omega-3 fatty acids than the today's conventional beef. To conclude, you may want to consider then the grass fed beef, which is also classified as organic beef.


  1. This is true, Anna. So good you posted it and reminded us. My husband has been researching about raising chickens, and it's the same thing! Also, grass fed chicken eggs are 1/3 lower in cholesterol! It might be more expensive to eat good food, but we can eat less of it and be satisfied, and in the long run won't be spending so much on health care or cleaning up the planet!

  2. Thanks Ruth for letting me know about the chickens. You know I get really put off when I see chicken breasts size of the turkey breasts, never buy those. And I heard stories about KFC chicken, which I don't eat it anymore. I like chicken, and I remember when we used to grow our own. As kids never really appreciated, but who knew what was waiting for us in the future. Yeah simple food in the past, now is more expensive, yet I still have a trouble understanding why. But you are right, we can eat less, and we are contributing to the global clean up. Ruth thanks for commenting. Anna :)

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